Portfolio Of Graphic Designer

When you start working, your great graphic design portfolio is going to help you land that great job. Your portfolio represents your skill and artistry, so put it together carefully because your artwork is going to speak for you.

Sort through all the work you have done – paid or unpaid, including design school assignments – and select the best work. Be critical here and take help from friends or professors to get an unbiased view. Leave out your not-so-great efforts, because it’s better to show 10 samples that range from excellent to good, rather than 20 to 30 samples which may include artwork that is passable or so-so.

Let your portfolio begin with your very best design and let the final artwork be your second best design. This way, you not only kick off with a strong impression, but you also leave your potential employer with another strong impression as his last memory of your artwork.

Showcase your skills It’s always a good idea to put various skills and styles you work on in your portfolio. This demonstrates your future employer that you are fluent in many styles an that he or she is getting a their money’s when hiring you.

10 to 12 examples Al though this may seem a pretty small number, it really isn’t. You must choose which pieces are you strongest and that display you qualities as a creative professional. Too many pieces will bore the person viewing. Also keep in mind that you must choose jobs that really show what you can do, not jobs that mean a lot to you. Not because a job is your particularly favorite means it should be in your portfolio, so very critical about you work.

Show actual pieces If your work is in a magazine or newspaper, find some copies and tear out (cut actually) the page. Don’t think that because you portfolio is on line that you do not have to do this. Always keep these sheets with you just in case. If you don’t have any, for any reason, try to create a nice mock-up.

Give your online portfolio professional and perfect look, as the way of presentation goes a long way in attracting the potential clients and convincing them. As and when your business grows and more customers are made, don’t forget to include your achievements in your portfolio section. In other words your graphic and web design portfolio section should reflect your success and genre of satisfied customers. Keep this section vast and diverse.

Try to design portfolio section in such a manner that it leaves positive first impression on the visitors. You can input details about your skills as main highlight of the page. Make sure that this page have easy and clear navigation facilities. In the starting you might not able to design large company portfolio, but make it simple, attractive, short and professional. Ultimately quality scores over quantity.

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