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Graphic designing is nothing but it is h environment around us. Graphic designing is included in our everyday life. We cannot ignore it. It is creative process. All people cannot do this work. It is the work of strong imagination and strong power of fantasy. It relates to imaginary world. So we can say that it is not a easy work. The most popular use of graphic design is in website creation. Besides this there is also a need of graphic designing in publications like in magazines, books, newspapers, advertisements, and packaging of products. It plays an important role in advertisement of product because people are first attracted towards any product by seeing their outlook. More attractive out look more people see that product.

The term graphic designing was first discovered by William Addison Dwiggins in the year 1922. For being a successful graphic designer anyone should mainly care about two important topics. First is elements of graphic design basic classes and the second one is principles of graphic design basic classes.

Elements of Graphic design basic principles: – The elements of graphic design are as follows:-

1. Lines: – Lines means straight, curved, thin solid, non-solid etc.

2. Shapes: – Shapes in graphic designing refers to rectangle, triangle, square, circles etc.

3. Mass: – The more important thing is what is mass. Many people do not know more about it. The mass is nothing but it is a visual weight of graphic and text elements.

4. Texture: – Texture refers to some visual appearance created with the help of some graphic technique. It is also an important element of graphic designing.

5. Color: – The more basic and important element of the graphic designing is color. Without colors we cannot imagine about graphic designing. The knowledge of color combination is an important factor in graphic designing. We should must have knowledge of Color symbolism and association of colors.

Principles of Graphic design basic classes: – The main principles in graphic designing are as follows:-

1. Balance: – the designer should must have knowledge about symmetrical, radial, etc to achieve visual balance.

2. Alignment: – Alignment is also a main feature .The graphic designer should must know about which text is where to place. Alignment of text is also an important factor.

3. Repitition: – We should always take care of repetition or Consistency. This is the more important factor of graphic designing.

4. Contrast:-. Contrast means opposite like white verses black, up verses down etc. Thus Contrast is the way to create interest in graphic designing.

5. White space: – White space is also an important principle of graphic designing basic classes. Knowledge about good and bad uses of white space and how to avoid trapped white spaces is much more important factor.

6. Proximity/Unity: – It is more important in graphic designing to learn how to arrange elements on the page by keeping the items together.

Thus we see that graphic designing is not an easy work. It is a work of much care and importance. The graphic designer should always take care of basic principles and elements of graphic design.

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