Establishing your brand with a graphic designer

It is critical to consider how your company communicates with clients and the public through marketing materials, your website and your advertisements. After all, corporate design reflects your brand. You may know little about graphic design, web design, colour palettes and typefaces, but their significance to your business is vast, so it makes sense to learn a little. This guide discusses the main areas to consider when contacting an agency for graphic design, branding, marketing or web design in Kent or across the UK.


You might immediately consider a logo the most important piece of corporate design. This may be true, but it is often overlooked that a logo is merely shorthand for the brand’s image. It is the other sources of corporate design which establish the ‘feel’ of a company; a logo merely triggers these impressions. Don’t visit an agency for graphic design, branding or web design in Kent or anywhere else in the UK with plenty of ideas for your logo but no idea about the other aspects of design. Many companies find that a good logo alone doesn’t get them anywhere.


Your corporate design agency will have the ability to choose colours which are visually appealing, match each other and match their purpose. But your providers of web design in Kent or marketing in Kent will be acting on your brief so the success of a design is ultimately up to you. You understand your clients and customers better than anyone, so give your corporate designers a thorough idea of who their work is targeted at.

Colours evoke strong feelings in people. Did you know, for example, that women prefer designs featuring yellow than those featuring orange, whereas men prefer orange to yellow. Your designers should have an in-depth knowledge of the various effects of different colours, but they won’t put this into use unless you fully explain your target audience. Blue invokes the view of faithfulness, trust and quality, but women prefer red to blue so if your target audience is women you may find that an overly blue design will miss the mark.


Often a hot topic among graphic designers, you may find yourself consciously indifferent about typographical choices. But subconsciously your mind is making assumptions for every piece of text you read, based upon its typeface alone. Tell your corporate design company what impression you want your fonts to leave.

Young companies, or companies which want to appear fresh, trendy and up-to-date are generally choosing sans-serif typefaces such as Helvetica, a favourite among designers. If you want to leave the impression of a long-established, reliable business request a classic and recognisable font such as Times New Roman. Typography is equally important whether you are sourcing web design in Kent, advertising in Kent or any other area of corporate design.


These features are not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to design. Your designers will be able to create a design which reflects your brand, but it is your job to ensure that design never stands in the way of usability. This applies whether you are looking for web design in Kent, advertising in Kent or general marketing to Kent or nationwide. Don’t be afraid to tell your designer if you feel that their work needs changing, you know your business better than anybody.

Giving your design agency a clear understanding of your brand will allow for a strong and profitable design. Thinking about the areas mentioned in this article will help you to create a clear design brief for a successful corporate design.

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