Creating Flash Animations in Adobe Illustrator CS5 and max tutorial

Throughout the years, Illustrator has established a closer connection with Adobe Flash. For occasion, we could import Adobe Illustrator data (. aifiles) into Flash and preserve layers, convert Illustrator symbols to Blink icons, and also considerably a lot more. That’s wonderful, but suppose you do not use Adobe Flash? Can you still develop a straightforward Flash computer animation? Yes!

The method described in this post is generally for folks which aren’t Blink wizards, or which already have artwork in Illustrator and do not want to trouble bringing that material to Flash to create a basic computer animation The basic computer animation will be produced as a published SWF data (. swf) that could be made use of on a site, for example. The SWF layout is perfect for the vector material, yet you can likewise save money raster images in SWF layout or mix raster as well as vector graphics.


The.swffile that’s produced when you export as.swfcan be played in the standalone Flash Gamer, on a gadget that sustains Flash material, or in an internet internet browser with the Flash Player browser plug-in.

Figure 1 The Flash banner computer animation you’ll create in this tutorial.


If you intend to view the real-time animation examples used in this article, download and also unzip the SWF files. The filenames in the zip represent the number selections; for instance, the animation formax tutorial is

Concerning Animation in Illustrator

Before you delve into developing the content that you’ll export as a Flash animation, you should understand that there are two major types of computer animations you can produce in Illustrator:

You could animate combined items in 2 means– as a sequence, or as an animation that builds.
You can create a layer-based computer animation.

A “blend” animation is developed from a mix things in Illustrator. You could produce multiple kinds of blends, consisting of a smooth color mix, a distance-based mix, and a step-wise blend. So, for example, you could draw a superstar on one side of the artboard and a circle beyond of the artboard. Making use of the Blend device, you can create a blend between them (view max tutorial). This method, when you export to the SWF data, the computer animation will certainly appear to morph the star into the circle.

Number 2 Instance of a blend-based animation (at a sluggish rate of speed).

A layer-based computer animation functions considerably like an animated GIF on the Internet. When you export the Illustrator data as a.swfthat’s played in the Flash Player, each layer in the paper is switched on then off, beginning from the bottom as well as functioning its way up in the layer stack (see max tutorial).

Figure 3 Example of a layer-based computer animation. (The equivalent SWF is proven to at a sluggish rate of speed.)

You could additionally combine a mix animation with a layer-based computer animation for some appealing animation results, which’s just what we’ll do in this article.

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