Adobe Air Perfect For Ria

Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) is commonly related with Rich Internet Application (RIA) development. Adobe AIR makes it very easy for web developers to develop Rich Internet applications for desktop. And for that they dont need to learn new technology or develop new development skills.

Adobe AIR is perfect for RIA development, features of Adobe AIR:
It allows developers to leverage their existing web development skills in Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, HTML, java script and Ajax to build and deploy RIA (Rich Internet Applications) to the desktop. In this way it facilitates the development of sophisticated user interface for a desktop application.
Using Adobe AIR, developers can create applications that support different operating systems.
It allows loading and saving of application on the user computer.
Adobe Air has a powerful framework.
Adobe AIR has very rich support to multimedia and vector animation as well as audio. It offers a comprehensive set of APIs to interact with the hosting OS. There are a lot of ActionScript libraries for all sorts of image, docs, video, and sound manipulation.
It has embedded SQL databases to store information locally.
It facilitates a notification system, which allows communications between AIR applications that are running on the same computer.

When we think about Adobe Air the first thing which comes in our mind is Rich Internet Applications. But Adobe Air is useful in other ways also such as Package Assistant Pro and Adobe AIR Launchpad.

Package Assistant Pro:This application helps developers to create native installer for their AIR applications, it also supports Android.

Adobe AIR Launchpad: This AIR application helps Adobe AIR developers to create the project structure of an AIR application for Flash Builder. The application provides a nice User Interface for setting the various options, developers dont need to edit manually in the application XML file.

By using Adobe AIR as part of your RIA strategy, you can boost productivity, extend your market reach, enhance customer satisfaction, improve customer retention, lower costs, and increase profits.

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